Prince of Peace Pi Lo Chun (Pearl Green Tea) - Loose Tea Leaf, 300g

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Pearl Green Tea has leaves shaped like pearl, is a rare Chinese green tea with exceptional quality known all over the world. The leaves of Pearl Green Tea are tiny, and the brew is clear in light golden color with a delicate taste and aroma. In the cup, Pearl Green Teaäó»s unique leaves unfold to produce a brew with fresh, crisp, and lingering taste of well-rounded sweetness. Prince of Peace Premium Teas Series is carefully selected for the best quality. All our teas are examined and are certified to be safe by the Chinese Authority and independent US laboratories.

Brewing Directions:
For richer taste, a covered cup is recommended. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves in the cup, pour in boiling water, cover the cup to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes before serving. For subsequent brews, allow more time.

Ingredients: Pearl Green Tea

Net Weight: 10.6oz/300g