Golden Bonbon Assorted Soft Almond Nougat, 12.4 oz

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Golden Bonbon is the living heritage of three generations of the Mazzucco family who take great pride in the production of a quality candy. Originally from the northern Italian region of Piemonte, the family's unique recipe established their reputation as respected artisans of torrone, also known as nougat.

Little has changed over the years. Following a time-honoured tradition, the product is still handmade and contains only the freshest ingredients.ξAlmonds are key to the quality of our nougat. We select only the best and freshest almonds, inspect every single batch and roast them in-house to our specifications. Almonds account for at least 50% of the product, a much higher percentage than what is commonly used in more mass produced nougat. The result is a product that is not overly sweet and very fragrant.

Golden Bonbon Almond Nougat is a natural product. Our nougat is cholesterol-free, gluten-free, trans fat-free, Kosher and Halal designated.

Golden Bonbon products are made to order and guaranteed fresh when delivered.

This is an assorted nougat gift box contains six different flavors as following:ξ

- Original Soft Almond Nougat
- Maple Soft Almond Nougat
- Soft Cranberry Almond Nougat
- Soft Blueberry Almond Nougat
- Soft Orange Almond Nougat
- Soft Coffee Almond Nougat

This product is imported from Canada and contains: almond, honey, corn syrup, sugar, dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), dried blueberries (blueberries, sugar, sunflower oil), orange peel (orange peel, sugar, citric acid), ground coffee, natural cranberry flavour, natural blueberry flavour, natural orange flavour, maple syrup, natural maple flavouring, liquid egg whites, corn starch.

Allergy Warning: This product contains egg, nuts and tree nuts.ξ

Made in Canada.