HokouŒÂ F Beverage

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Name:ŒæHokouŒÂ F Beverage
Weight: 8.4Fl.oz(240ml) 12 Bottles
Ingredients: Water, Asses's glue, Panax ginseng, Prepared rehman-nia root, Tangshen root, Hawthorn, Cane sugar.
Directions: Drink one 20ml bottle each time, 3 times a day.
1.Please do not take this product together with Radix ET Rhizoma Veratri and its preparations.
2.Please do not take this product together with any other medicines for colds.
3. People who have the symptoms of high blood pressure, high blood sugar,
ξ ξ and people who are taking other medicines for treatment should only take this product under doctor's guidance and direction.
4. It is recommended to take this product before meals or with meals.
5. Please take this product according to the directions. ξChildren can only take this product under doctor's direction.
6. During the period of taking this product if such symptoms as poor appetite, constipation, ξdiarrhea, ξand vomiting occurs,
ξ ξ please discontinue taking this product and consult a doctor.
7. Do not take this product when there is any change with its appearance.
8. Children can only take this product under supervision of adults.
9. Please keep this product away from children.
10. While you are taking other medicines, you are recommended to consult with doctors or herbalists before you take this product.
Product of China