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Product Notes The extensively revised second edition (August 2003) of the Clinical Manual of Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines is an essential addition to the desk and bookshelf of all practitioners and students interested in using patent medicines. One nice feature of the text is its use of small icons in the left margin to highlight useful information. Each formula is discussed in terms of its TCM Actions, Biomedical actions, Indications, Composition, Combinations, Dose and Method of Administration, and Cautions and Contraindications. An28 feature that facilitates quick reference is the authors? use of simple line drawings to illustrate the key symptoms and signs for each formula/pattern. These are often expressive of the emotional and psychological characteristics that match the pattern indicated. The text also includes: - An intuitive 75 page index, complete with listings for both biomedical and TCM disorders. - Tables of comparisons between similar formulas designed to aid differentiation. - Potential herb drug interactions laid out in table form. - A glossary describing the TCM medical terms used in the text in clear language.
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