Stasis In The Lower Chamber Teapills Ge Xia Zhu Yu Wan

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Other Name Drive Out Blood Stasis Below the Diaphragm Pills, Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
Chinese Name _____
Standard Dosage 8 pills, 3 x per day
Ingredients (Pin Yin) Dang gui, Tao ren, Hong hua, Wu yao, Chuan xiong, Mu dan pi, Chi shao, Xiang fu, Zhi ke, Ru xiang, Mo yao, Yan hu suo, Gan cao
Ingredients Angelica sinensis root, Prunus persica seed, Carthamus tinctorius flower, Lindera aggregata root, Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome, Paeonia suffruticosa root-bark, Paeonia lactiflora root, Cyperus rotundus rhizome, Citrus aurantium fruit-ripe, Boswellia carterii resin, Commiphora myrrha resin, Corydalis yanhusuo rhizome, Glycyrrhiza uralensis root
Other Ingredients Activated carbon, Botanical wax, Talcum
Allergen Information Contains tree nuts.
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Contraindications (on label) Contraindicated during pregnancy

Product Notes This formula has been reformulated due to FDA restrictions. Previous versions of this formula contained Wu ling zhi, an _herbí¬ in the Chinese Materia medica known as a powerful analgesic. This _herbí¬ is in actuality not a plant but _Excrementum Trogopteri seu Pteromií¬ or as it is commonly known, prepared _flying squirrel dungí¬. Previous attempts to import formulas with this herb were rejected by the FDA on grounds that it _contains squirrel excrement and is considered filth and unfit for food.í¬ In response to this stance we showed the FDA that it had been sterilized, and submitted lab results proving that it had passed our strict microbial testing. We also protested the rejection on cultural grounds, pointing out that within our tradition of medicine this is an acceptable ingredient that has been safely used over a long time period. Sadly our attempts were unsuccessful and we have been unable to import this and 28 formulas in their original format. Our team of herbalists chose to replace Wu ling zhi with a combination of Ru xiang and Mo Yao.
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