Xiang Jia Pi, unsulfured Periploca sepium root-bark

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Product Notes Wu jia pi/acanthopanax bark is unavailable commercially as it has been over-cultivated and Xiang jia pi/periploca sepium bark is the acknowledged substitute herb in many formulas. As Xiang Jia Pi grows in the north, it is also known as northern Wu Jia Pi. Xiang Jia Pi is bitter, warming, expels wind-dampness, promotes urination and alleviates swelling, and strengthens the heart. However, Xiang jia pi/periploca sepium is toxic and cannot be used interchangeably with Wu Jia Pi. It is also not recommended for long term use. Practitioners should be careful not to over-dose. (1.5-3 gm is the recommended dosage).
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