On Kee Sakura Shrimp XO Sauce 7.76oz

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Origin: Taiwan

Features: Snack on cherry prawns, a must-have all-purpose sauce for every household. Whether it is stir-fried vegetables, fried noodles with rice, or used as a dipping sauce, it is full of flavor.

Therapeutic value: It is the icing on the cake for ordinary dishes, spicy and appetizing.

Recommended dishes: XO sauce can be used in many dishes, as are snacks such as fried rice rolls, fried rice cakes or ordinary fried rice.

Cooking method: Just eat it directly.

Suitable for: The general population can eat.

On Kee has been in operation since the early 1970s. It has become a time-honored brand familiar to Hong Kong people from a small shop in Sheung Wan to the present. In addition to the continuous efforts of the founder Mr. Pan Xiong'an and the second-generation helmsman Mr. Pan Quanhui, and actively expanding innovation and diversification In addition to the transformation of the business, it also depends on the support, trust, encouragement and love of customers over the years, so that the reputation of An Kee is growing!

Even though the times are changing, what remains unchanged is that On Kee has always adhered to its business purpose and commitment, and has extremely high requirements for product quality, product variety and service quality, and hopes to bring the perfect experience to every customer.