E Jiao Equus asinus gelatin

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Standard Dosage 3-9 grams once daily or as directed by your health care practitioner.Recommended usage:Method A: 1) Grind to a fine powder or pulverize in a musllin/cheesecloth bag; 2) Pour ground E Jiao into a glass, and slowly add hot water or hot milk while stirring; 3) Add sugar to taste.Method B(Traditional double-boiler method): 1) Pulverize 250 grams of E Jiao in a mortar & pestle; 2) Pour into an earthenware bowl with lid; 3) Add 250 ml of yellow wine, cover, and let steep for 2-3 days; 4) After 2-3 days, add 100 ml of hot water and 250 grams of rock sugar to the bowl. Add toasted black sesame seeds and/or chopped walnuts(optional); 5) Place covered bowl in pot with water, steam/boil for 30 min. to 1 hour. Stir frequently. 6) After all ingredients have dissolved, remove bowl, let cool, then refrigerate. 7) Take 1-2 tablespoons dissolved in warm water each morning and evening.
Ingredients (Pin Yin) e Jiao
Ingredients Equus asinus gelatin
Other Ingredients Sucrose, Barley wine, Soybean oil
Allergen Information Contains soy. The ingredient is processed with barley wine and may contain trace amounts of gluten proteins.
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Product Notes Properties: sweet, neutral, Kidney, Liver, Lung.
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