Prince of Peace Ti Kuan Yin Tea - Loose Tea Leaf, 250g

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Ti Kuan Yin Tea, is one of the premium grade Oolong Teas. It has a äóìgreeneräó� Oolong flavor with a nice, nutty finish. Prince of PeaceŒ¬ Ti Kuan Yin Tea is completely hand-picked from the most prestigious tea source äóñ Anxi District of Fujian, China, where is named the äóìMagical Village of Oolong Teaäó�. It has a strong, ripened-fruit aroma with a delicate and sophisticated flavor. Prince of PeaceŒ¬ Premium Teas are carefully selected for the best quality. All our teas are examined and are certified to be safe by the Chinese Authority and independent US laboratories.

Brewing Directions:
For richer taste, a covered cup is recommended. Add one teaspoon of tea leaves in the cup, pour in boiling water, cover the cup to infuse for 3 to 5 minutes before serving. For subsequent brews, allow more time.

Ingredients: Ti Kuan Yin Tea

Net Weight: 8.82oz/250g