Prince of Peace Pearl Jasmine Green Tea - Loose Tea Leaf, 150g

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Pearl Jasmine, also known as Mo Li Long Zhu or Dragon Pearl, is made by rolling the tender shoots of the tea leaves and buds into beautiful íÍpearlsíñ and is scented with fresh Jasmine petals. Prince of Peace Pearl Jasmine Tea provides a beautifully aromatic and flavorful cup with a sweet aroma and outstanding flavor. When brewed, each pearl opens like a flower blooming before your eyes. Prince of Peace Premium Teas are carefully selected for the best quality. All our teas are examined and are certified to be safe by the Chinese Authority and independent US laboratories.

Brewing Directions: This superb tea can be infused 3-5 times. It releases a unique flavor with each infusion. Pearl Jasmine does well with the full heat in the first brew, otherwise it may not íÍbloomíñ. Sleep pearls in a clear mug and watch the pearls gracefully unfurl.

Ingredients: Pearl Jasmine Green Tea Leaves

Net Weight: 5.3oz/150g